Tracy Slater is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social worker with a background in Infant Mental Health, Child Development, and Early Intervention. Tracy works with adults and young children at her private practice in Foxboro, MA.

Tracy is passionate about working with young children because this vulnerable and under-served population often offers unique challenges to parents and professionals. Research shows that intervention during the critical early years of development is crucial in leading to later success; however, the amount of information available to parents can be overwhelming and contradictory, and different approaches are right for different children. In addition, it is often a challenge to determine at such a young age whether a child’s difficulties are transient or more serious.

Tracy also works with adults and believes that whether you are an overwhelmed mother or a young woman struggling with anxiety or depression, you owe it to yourself to find the support you need.  Tracy brings a warmth, openness and understanding to the therapeutic relationship that quickly puts children and adults alike at ease.